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Ottawa Home Care Staff

Our bilingual team is at your service

24/7, 365 days a year.

Meet our Administrative Team


Ottawa Home Care has dedicated administrative team that is committed to providing you with a complete service. Our team offers you years of experience with identifying your needs and coordinating client care. 

Our Staff 



Marie Boursiquot, Registered Nurse Nee Marie Maitre founded this company in the year 2000 as she noticed that there was a need in our community that was not being met. This need included both with private home care and facilities, Ottawa Home Care was set up to provide the local community with a local solution.


Ms. Maitre is the Executive Director/Director of Care for Ottawa Home Care, a business she started in her home and has expanded in the intervening years. She does not take a back seat in the business, and actively works with staff and clients daily. She graduated with a Nursing Diploma from St Lawrence College in 1994 and she also received a Bachelor of Nursing from Athabasca University in 2010. She has been licensed with the CNO as an RN since 1995 and is also registered with the University of the State of New York entitling her to practice nursing in the state. Throughout her career, she has worked at hospitals and long term care facilities as a Nurse and Nursing Supervisor. She has also worked as a clinical instructor of RN, RPN, and PSW Courses, including teaching RN and RPN Community Homecare Services; as a Clinical Instructor for RPN’s and PSW’s, Labs for RN’s, RPN’s, and PSW’s at La Cite Collegiale, Algonquin College, and Ottawa University for years.


“I started this company because I wanted to help our community and provide proper care to everyone. I care about my clients, I care about my staff, and I feel great satisfaction when I am able to assist my clients and staff find resolutions that will help them.”


Marie Maitre,

Executive Director & Director of Care



Cristina MacDonald is a Scheduling Clerk and Executive Assistant to the Executive Director providing administrative support to the Ottawa Home Care team. Cristina was born and raised in Ottawa and has provided behind the scenes support to businesses throughout the Ottawa area for the last 18 years. She received an Executive Administrative Assistant and Legal Administrative Assistant Diplomas from Algonquin College in 2010. She started with Ottawa Home Care as a night shift clerk and has worked her way through various positions within the company over the years.

“I do this because I care about our community, I have been where some of these families currently are and I understand the difficulties they suffer. 


When a client improves and no longer needs our services I am happy for them. If a client requires long term care, I want them to have the best staff and care possible. When a client passes on, I mourn with the family, as each life no matter their age is precious.”


Cristina MacDonald,

Executive Assistant



Adriana Aparicio is a Bookkeeper, and she has been with Ottawa Home Care since 2014. Adriana was born in El Salvador and moved to Canada in 2001, she is fluent in both English and Spanish. After taking the Law Clerk program at Algonquin College Adriana has spent several years developing her Customer Service and Management skills. She started out as a Night Scheduling Clerk and Administrative Assistant, and is now starting a new position as a Bookkeeper; she will be working in the Accounts Payable and Receivable department, as well as managing the social media for the company.


“I love that Ottawa Home Care cares so much about their employees and 



clients. I look forward to coming into work because I feel the work I do matters and I am making a difference in my community."


Adriana Aparicio,




Sanjida Karim is a Scheduling Clerk providing administrative support to the Ottawa Home Care team.  Sanjida has lived in Canada over 23 years. She was raised in Ottawa then lived in Toronto.  She has been residing in Ottawa for over 15 years.  She received a Robotic Engineering Diploma from Algonquin College in 2008.  She started out as a 12 hours day shift clerk and has worked her way through various positions within the company over the years. She has been working  with Ottawa Home Care for over 9 years, she is always friendly and passionate about her work.


“I love my job because it presents me with the opportunity to help others especially those in dire or emergency need.  I understand the urgency of 

this type of work and it gives me a sense of fulfillment to be able to provide my service in this.  We have a wonderful team and boss with whom I have built a very good bond. My boss and colleagues were extremely accommodating during my pregnancy and in times any other personal emergency. My work is very flexible which is very important for me as a mother.”  


Sanjida Karim,

Scheduling Clerk



Antonio Ignalig has been employed since December 2012 as Administrative Assistant/Scheduling Clerk, a career which he truly aspired after finishing his Business Administration Diploma at Herzing College with honors and Scholarship Excellence – a privilege that registered him for free behavioural studies. He also graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree - Philosophy before migrating to Canada. He has enjoyed incorporating his achievements to enriching Customer Service. Tony is a great asset to the team, very hard working, respectful, calm and patient and has a passion for his work.


“I firmly believe that working in the Health Care Service industry needs 

compassion and commitment. I can never take for granted when people place their calls for their loved ones to be taken care with love through the services being provided. It is indeed a great opportunity for me to continue my career with OHC and make a difference in the community that needs exceptional health care services”.


Antonio Ignalig,

Assistant/Scheduling Clerk



Jim Moore has been involved in the marketing and consulting field for over twenty years. He has worked with a wide range of companies nationally and internationally in helping them to grow their businesses in a constantly changing marketplace; that is by getting the best performance from their staff, developing a culture of respect and excellence within their teams, and identifying opportunities to better meet the needs of their current and future clients.


Jim's focus is to consult with you to see how our nursing care services may be of help to you. He will take the time sit with you to fully understand your needs, tailor our services to meet those needs, and do so in a cost-effective, caring, and flexible manner.

Jim P. Moore

Marketing Vice President

Ottawa HomeCare

Learn About our Health Team


Our staffs are from different backgrounds, ethnicities and religions that can offer you services in your preferred culture. Our Health Team is comprised of:


  • Registered Nurses

  • Registered Practical Nurses

  • Foot Care Nurses

  • Unregulated Care Providers (UCP)

  • PSWs

  • Homemakers/Housekeepers

  • Sitters/Companions

Employee Selection Process


We believe in taking time to find the appropriate staff to represent Ottawa Home Care and follow our Mission and Values as a company. To be considered for a position staff must meet the following criteria:


  • Nurses and PSW’s must have a Diploma or Certificate from an accredited school

  • Professional nurses must be in good standing with the CNO

  • Vulnerable Persons Police Check (within a 6 month period)

  • Professional references and background Checks

  • Valid CPR and First Aid Certification

  • Immunization History – including yearly flu Vaccinations, Hepatitis B Vaccine, and Tuberculosis Screening

  • A caring nature and enthusiasm for their vocation

For general enquiries

please call: 613-746-7879

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