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With Healing hands

and Caring Hearts.

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What we do

Whether you are a facility in search of short or long term staffing needs, a family member seeking help for a loved one, or if you require personal services for yourself Ottawa Home Care is here to assist you. We take pride in helping our clients receive the service they require at an affordable price. You can depend on us to provide care for your loved ones while taking into consideration their comfort, well-being, and peace of mind.

“The need for flexibility and timeliness in the nursing profession has been practiced and exemplified by the agency as a whole and equally represented by all staff members.”

- St Patrick Home of Ottawa

“Ottawa Home Care is a leader in health services with a support staff that is honest, reliable, dependable and trustworthy.”

- Nawel Nayel

“I would recommend Ottawa Home Care to people who want to continue to grow in their nursing career and who want to work in a company that treat you like a part of a big family, because Ottawa Home care is the big family! Thank you Ottawa Home care!”

- Yadan Huang, RN

Better Care Starts with You!


2 Lorry Greenberg Drive, Suite 300

 Ottawa, Ontario | K1G 5H6  |  Tel: 613-746-7879

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