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We value the patient-caregiver relationships that our caring staff foster with our clients and community. Below are just a few kind notes of appreciation that we have received over the years. 

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Barron Family 


In July of 2013, I made the decision to hire Ottawa Home Care to provide companionship services for my father, who was ill. We had no family in the Ottawa area to help him while he was in Hospital and were looking for a reputable agency to provide him with great care. Ottawa Home Care provided qualified and compassionate staff to be with and help my father. We were so pleased with the service being provided we extended the original contract.


They were extremely flexible, did their best to accommodate schedule changes with little notice to best serve the needs of my father; they provided service in and out of town, provided new staff once more complex services were needed, and were always very considerate and discreet.


For outstanding, compassionate, qualified, staff that will go above and beyond to meet your nursing or companionship needs I would always recommend Ottawa Home Care.

Nayel Family 


Ottawa home Care is a leader in health services with a support staff that is honest, reliable, dependable and trustworthy.


My husband had a car accident in 2001 and we have been receiving their service for the past 2 years. One visit per week.


The management takes their business very personal, that's why they excel in what they are doing. We are very satisfied with Ottawa Home Care service and we recommend it strongly.


Thank you.

Nawal Nayel

McRae Family 


"Kudos to Marie from 'Ottawa Home Care' for her diligence in looking for workers to help my parents and our family. When the other 'designated' agencies could not find someone who spoke Cantonese as well as someone willing to travel outside the city core, Marie stepped up to the plate and looked tirelessly to find help for us. Marie found one particular worker, who we found to be outstanding. This worker went above and beyond the call of duty. We were able to leave our elderly parents without any concern as we knew that they treat them as their own. We had the privilege of having someone in our home and this was priceless. For this we are indebted.


Thank you,


E. McRae,

Greely, Ontario

Brenda's Family 


Ottawa Home Care has provided personal support workers for me in my home for 8 years. During that time, Marie, the company’s director and her staff have ensured continued coverage for my in-home personal care needs. Marie has endeavored to send certain PSWs who would be a good ‘match’ for my specific needs. I really appreciate that the office staff are available 24/7 by telephone, and that they try their best to meet whatever need I have.


Thank you OHC,


Brenda. B.

Barrhaven, Ontario

Cracower Family 


The Ottawa Home Care nurses rescued me after the exasperating birth of my first baby. I was able to catch up on much needed sleep while I knew my baby was in great hands in my own home. The nurses cared for me and my recovery and doted over the baby. They even helped ease my mind answering countless questions and concerns I had as a new mom. They handled the job with professionalism and warmth. After having their services for 7 overnights and armed with all of the new knowledge and tips for caring for my baby, I felt like a new woman who could handle anything! Thank you OHC!


Thank you OHC,


Jaime Cracower

Ottawa, Ontario

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Ottawa Home Care has been providing its services to us for about 4 months. OHC has been nothing but ccommodating, reliable, and professional. There have been times when we needed someone to come to our residence on short notice. Being an hour out of the city they were able to act quickly, find replacement staff, and follow up within 30 minutes of the request. This shows dedication not only to the OHC reputation but to our residence as well. I am nothing but satisfied with everyone that comes here and the positive attitudes that are portrayed by the UCP’s, RPN’s, receptionists, and manager of OHC. We have dealt with a few agencies and OHC is by far the best.


Makenzie Baker

Executive Director

I have known Marie Maitre for approximately 20 years as a registered nurse, clinical nursing professor first at Bruyere Continuing Care in Ottawa and second as owner and Nursing Director of Ottawa Home Care. Both her and her staff provide effective clear communication in both official languages. Our Long Term Care facility staffs work hand in hand with Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses provided by Ottawa Home Care.


It has been my privilege to work with and contract services from Marie’s Healthcare business. As Vice-President Nursing Programs for a large Nursing Home in the Ottawa area for the past 10 years, I have been pleased with the availability and work ethic of Marie’s staff for replacement and vacancies. Ottawa Home Care also provided excellent and timely transport service for residents requiring transportation to appointments such as dialysis, external medical specialists etc.


Strict attention to any concerns regarding services has always been the philosophy of the directorship of OHC. Marie offers and provides non-invoiced orientation hours as necessary. She also provides a comprehensive pamphlet on services and expectations of her services. Obviously, safety is of the utmost concern for OHC operation. The Ministry of Health Compliance Branch has commented positively on the education services Marie provides for all her staff before they are deployed to any facility. 


Accomplishments I have witnessed as a primary goal of OHC are:

  • Concentrating on Preventing, addressing and reporting abuse,

  • Ensuring education for medication administration systems, 

  • Instilling respect of the organizational values goals and priorities while providing care in individual in all care facilities,

  • Following all professional standards and quality assurance program,

  • Maintaining the importance of responsibility, accountability and autonomy while effectively communicating and working as a respected team member,

  • Educating skills to scope of practice


Marie’s strength is the ability to be an effective leader, to think strategically and install enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment in her professional relationships and in her staff. She is very keen to develop the staff of OHC in both personal and professional goals. Marie collaborates and respects the ideas of others. Marie will constantly strive to endorse mission and valves with positive energy within this changing work environment. 


It has been satisfying to have a professional relationship with Marie and her staff over the past 10 years in Long Term Care and 10 years in a complex Care hospital setting.  


I can be reached via email at or by cell at (613) 277-2868


It is with pleasure that we have been asked for a letter of support. We have had a partnership with Ottawa Home Care since December 2012. Ottawa Home Care was engaged to help us through a staffing crisis on short notice over the holidays in 2012. They were able to provide us coverage with this short notice. We have been working with them ever since.


Ottawa Home Care is able to help provide professional nursing staff to fulfill the Home’s needs. They are able to provide: registered nurses, registered practical nurses, and personal support workers. During an influenza outbreak this past year they were able to provide the Home with much needed staffing. On the rare occasion when they are unable to staff our last minute requests we are given as much notice as possible. They do work hard to meet our staffing needs, it is apparent in their efforts and results. 


The administration staff members of Ottawa Home Care are committed to only sending qualified staff members who have completed orientated to our Home. Their standards of ongoing excellence far exceeds that of other similar agency organizations. Finally, it is important to note that the director of care at Ottawa Home Care has a positive working relationship with Rosebridge’s director of care. This type of working relationship is essential for ongoing success. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information. 


Ottawa Home Care has been providing Villa Marconi Long Term Care with replacement nursing staff for several years. In my daily interactions with OHC as a staffing clear I find that OHC responds in a timely manner for any short notice requests made.


Their bilingual staff always demonstrates courtesy and professionalism in addressing issues of concerns and in communicating confirmation of booking arrangements. They have always gone above and beyond expectations in meeting our requests. 


We are extremely pleased with the service Ottawa Home Care has provided for us and I would highly recommend this agency to any facility. They are a respectful, valued, efficient, dependable and consistent agency. 



I am writing this letter in reference to my personal interactions with the agency, Ottawa Home Care (OHC).


For the past 8 years I have had the pleasure of working alongside the many staff members of OHC to establish a professional relationship that allows us to collaboratively provide excellent care to the geriatric population that reside within long term care.


No matter what our staffing needs have been the OHC staff has feverishly exhausted all resources possible to ensure our facility was granted the requests we asked of them. Even in the event of any negative issues or disciplinary actions they are swift to handle them so there is no adverse effects for not only our facility, but for their agency and its members as well.


I cannot say enough as to how much they have and continue to provide for us, which ultimately enriches the lives of our residents. 


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at (613) 224-4915 ext 201

St. Joseph's Long-Term Care Facility


Over the past six years, St Joseph's Nursing Home had the pleasure, to have Ottawa Home Care as a partner in addressing staffing on short notice. 


The agency staff demonstrated great efficiency in a timely fashion, providing appropriatety qualified staff to meet resident needs. Their nursing staff displayed much professionalism and skills. In an effort to monitor quality of service, Ottawa Home Care will follow up with telephone inquiries to immediately address any concerns our staff or residents may have encountered.


Ottawa Home Care really cares, when it comes to meet your staffing needs. We highly recommend Ottawa Home Care for quick, reliable and efficient services for staff replacement.


Ottawa Home Care is cut above the rest.

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Registered Nurse


I approached Ottawa Home care when I graduated from university, ready to begin my nursing career. I did not continue to work for Ottawa Home because I had to move to another city, but I felt lucky and was glad that I had the opportunity to work at Ottawa Home Care.


I really appreciated that the Director of Care trusted me as a new grad and let me have the chance to grow and become a better nurse. Ottawa Home Care not only help me build my confidence, but also allow me to explore the nursing specialties, and the result was that I found the direction of my nursing career.


The staff was friendly and supportive, they would work with my schedule and I was able to pick as many shifts as I wanted, and the DOC was always there if I was in need of help. Finally, the experience of working at Ottawa Home Care was great!


I would recommend Ottawa Home Care to people who want to continue to grow in their nursing career and who want to work in a company that treat you like a part of a big family, because Ottawa Home care is the big family! Thank you Ottawa Home care!



Yadan Huang


Registered Practical Nurse 


Words cannot express my feelings, not my thanks for your help. I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work for you. If the world had people like you it would be a better place. You do make a difference. For all you do, for who you are, I will forever be grateful. There have been angels in my life…angels who show up when a kind word is needed, when a smile or an act of caring can make a big difference. Yes, there have been angels in my life and one of them is you.



Solomon Okwueze



Registered Nurse 


Under the excellent leadership of Marie, OHC helped me to sharpen my clinical skills and abilities and empowered me to reach my professional goals more quickly. Marie always motivated me with positive feedback and recognition of hard work. She made time to listen, communicate and solve when approached with any situation.


The administrative staffs were there 24/7 when I needed and my requests regarding shifts were answered promptly. They always tried their best on sending me to the same facility, thus I was more familiar to the facility policies and procedures. I mostly used OHC drivers to reach the workplace and I must say I was never late to work. The drivers (especially Lucky, who I mostly travelled with) are experienced, punctual and professional. It always felt safe.


OHC became my home away from home while I was living away from my eight months old baby girl. I cherish the support, kindness and friendship that I received during this emotional period. Thank you OHC!



Anu Adhikari,

BSc. N, RN


Registered Practical Nurse 


I came to Canada in 2011 to challenge CNO for the CPNRE, I passed the exam that same month (May) I came to Canada. I could not get a job as RPN because I didn’t have “Canadian experience”. All the employers I contacted at first were more interested in my experience in Canada which I did not have at that time. My story changed when a colleague of mine, whom we went to school together in my home country contacted me and told me about Ottawa Home Care (OHC), then he was also working full time for OHC. When I contacted OHC, the director interviewed me over the phone and the rest became a history. Marie revived my hope of practising nursing again, she saw what other employers could not see in me, and looked beyond “Canadian experience” to offer me a job, she gave me a chance to prove myself which came out successful. She started the process of hiring me as a foreign worker from my Nigeria, I came to Ottawa to work for OHC after the application/immigration papers was successful.


Working for OHC gave me a lot of experience, flexibility, great working condition, and I was in control of my time and work schedule and above all I made a lot of work hours as a fulltime employee, more than anyone could make while working for other agencies.


My success story in Canada cannot be completed without mentioning OHC. I owe them a debt of gratitude. Thank you so much OHC.



Victor Nwagwu



Registered Nurse 


I started working with Ottawa Home Care in August 2015; initially as a Personal Support Worker, and later as a Registered Nurse. Marie was very supportive and started arranging RN orientations the moment I was licensed. I have found the staff (receptionists and drivers) very helpful and accommodating to any scheduling changes, or requests for a day off. In addition, the primary staff at the contracted long term care homes are encouraging and more than happy to answer questions when necessary. Ottawa Home Care has allowed me to work at various Long Term Care Homes in the greater Ottawa area and gain a broad sense of long term-care/ palliative nursing.


For prospective employees, working for Ottawa Home Care provides a considerable opportunity for those interested in pursuing long-term care nursing or would like a job with an accommodating schedule."



Tyler Lorenz



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