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Healthcare Facility Solutions

Our services cover needs from full-time monitoring to assistance with daily tasks.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs


Ottawa Home Care is committed to addressing your issues and meets your temporary and regular staffing needs for services. We differ from our competitors by offering personalized / customized services in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Our team is comprised of registered staff including: RNs, RPNs, UCPs, PSWs, and Sitters to meet your staffing needs.  All our staff are bonded, security cleared, and are covered by both WSIB and private insurance.

Ottawa Home Care fully recognizes the drawbacks to using temporary staffing and we work diligently to mitigate these negative aspects and to emphasize the positive outcomes of using agency staffing. 


Through staff orientation, continuity of care, timely, effective, and efficient service we aim to eliminate the negative perceptions of temporary staffing by providing agency staff that will make the transition seamless both for you and your clients.

Ottawa Home Care is available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to fill pre-booked or urgent staffing requirements. 


Staffing Objectives

  1. To immediately respond to your staffing requirement by providing the most suitably trained staff to meet your needs.

  2. To ensure & maintain the competency of our staff through a comprehensive quality assurance program that focuses on continuing education, clinical updates and enhanced awareness of your facility policies & protocols.

  3. To maintain and build a strong and reliable partnership through accountability and commitment.

  4. To provide a fair and competitive cost for services.

  5. Allowing your clients to directly contract out our services, through your choice of referrals. This is particularly attractive for sitter, companion, and Personal Care Attendant services when families would like to provide a little extra assistance to their loved ones.

Our Approach to Your Needs.


  1. By choosing OHC as your Nursing Agency service provider, you will have 24 hour access to our office for last minute shift requests.

  2. You will receive qualified, professional, reliable, competent, and accountable staff with the knowledge to assist you on a day to day basis or as services are required by your facility.

  3. With our large pool of available staff, rarely, if ever will a pre-scheduled shift go unfilled.

  4. OHC staff benefits from the expertise of our Director of Care, who is an RN with over 18 years of experience in the healthcare field, including as a faculty member at our local community college.


Contact us directly at or call 613-746-7879 and we can review your specific facility requirements and how best Ottawa Home Care can assist you. 

For general enquiries

please call: 613-746-7879

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